Have you ever felt overwhelmed by the clutter of rarely-used items in your home, or wished there was a way to access tools and gadgets without the hefty price tag? It’s time to redefine how we consume.

As we face the mounting challenges posed by climate change, it becomes increasingly imperative for societies to adopt sustainable models of living. One such model is the circular economy, which emphasises a shift from our traditional ‘take-make-dispose pattern to a more holistic ‘reduce, reuse, recycle approach. Within this sustainability realm, a library of things’ presents a unique opportunity to foster community engagement and significantly reduce our carbon footprint. By transitioning to a circular model, we reduce the stress on our planet by minimising waste and the incessant need for raw materials.

LIBRARY FOR replace ‘buy, use and discard’ with ‘borrow don’t buy’. Imagine a place where you could borrow tools, kitchen gadgets, or even a chocolate fountain and disco lights. Such a place now exists in Peterborough, LIBRARY FOR is a pop up library of useful household items and more in Peterborough Central Library.

For one week you can borrow any of the items, this has a dual effect of supporting a greener, kinder way of living and saves money during these challenging times. Another aspect of LIBRARY FOR’s initiative is its support of the local community by offering a place to meet and share knowledge. Maybe you want to share your crafting skills by putting on a workshop or attending a CV skills workshop, all these events are free to attend. Visit LIBRARY FOR today, and discover the benefits of borrowing over buying. Not only will you save money and space, but you’ll also contribute to a sustainable future and a thriving community.

Become a member and join in with making a tangible difference in the fight against climate change. Membership and all of our events, activities and workshops are free.

Visit the website to sign up and browse the stock or drop in during library hours (Tuesday to Friday 10am – 5pm and Saturday 9am – 3pm).