Waterways Chaplaincy – for You?

Waterways Chaplains are Christian volunteers who have a listening and supporting ministry to those who use and live on our inland waterways. The chaplaincy is ecumenical and chaplains have the very important role of being a visible Christian witness along specific stretches of the river and canal network in England and Wales as they come alongside those who live, relax and work there. Some chaplains have a background in boating but many do not. The great thing about being a waterways chaplain is that it takes the mission of the church outside the church walls and into local communities.

So if you are a Christian, a good listener and able to walk a mile of waterways once a week God might be calling you to serve him as a Waterways Chaplain.

If you would like to know more please contact Maureen Woodd 01780 789908….

or use the contact form on our website www.waterwayschaplaincy.org.uk