Quiz Evening for Christian Aid


A series of  Quizzes in support of Christian Aid will  be starting on Saturday September 26th at 5.30p.m. Run on the Zoom platform each will last for  about 35 minutes. I’ll try to make it fun and family friendly, with a good mix of different topics  with  multi choice answers so that everyone stands a good chance of achieving a respectable score. Participants can join in any or all of the quizzes  though there will be a prize for the overall winner at the end of the series. Participants will be encouraged to make a donation of their choice via  the JustGiving page:  https://www.justgiving.com/fundraising/mentalworkout.

Those interested are asked to e-mail me at  revjohnharper@talktalk.net so that I can then send them the link.

Christian Aid manages to do so much effective  and faithful work with every pound donated,  and funding is needed more than ever given the consequences of Covid in so many of the world’s most deprived regions, so  your publicity via the attached poster would be a great help in this respect