Our Homes Should Be A Safe Place!?

A new charity has been set up in Peterborough to work with other agencies who specialize in domestic abuse. Living Keys will be running several courses in the New Year to help men and women overcome some of the trauma’s they face daily due to the effects of domestic abuse in their lives.

Homes are supposed to be a safe place to live, but for many, it is a time where they are under the constant control of their partner,  violence has risen in these relationships and also death… we really want to help.

Living Keys has been supporting women who have experienced Domestic Abuse, currently or historically, for 4 years now, and has offered free Freedom Program Courses since then. 

The Freedom Program is very well known nationally, and has helped many women understand the tactics of an abuser, the beliefs and where the beliefs come from and how they are reinforced in society today, how it effects us as women and how it effects our children, and looking at the opposite to an abuser, and how a relationship is about partnership and not control.

From 2nd January, we will be running not only the Freedom Program, which is designed for women, but also further courses to help men and women overcome the trauma they have experienced.

Hope2Recovery Course is a 6 week course, and topics include

  • What is abuse?
  • Dynamics of abuse and coercive control
  • How people can become trapped in abusive relationships
  • Impact of abuse on parenting
  • Healthy Relationships
  • Action planning towards abuse free lives

Coming Soon

Recovery Toolkit is a 12 week course and will be available late January details of Courses can be found on our website Livingkeys.co.uk

Life’s Healing Choices – a Christian view of the choices we make and how we can heal if we start to make the right choices.  This is also a 6 week course.

Anyone who is interested in any of these courses, can visit our website https://Livingkeys.co.uk

If you have any additional questions, please contact Linda either by email on Livingkeys.peterborough@gmail.com

Or call on 07507269081.

Kind regards

Linda Huskisson