New Garden House Consultation

Thank you for your support with the New Garden House consultation, this has put us in a really good position to develop this work in the best way possible, with so many wise contributions to our future.

Attached for your considerations is the report. Please do take some time to read through if possible, the comments and range of contributors gives real credit to the staff and volunteers at the Garden House and the impact of the wider partnership activities that have been formed. This comment from one of the guests really touched me and reminded me again why we do the work we do:

‘Without the help from the Garden House I don’t think I would be here now. I was actually contemplating ending my life. I do not have enough words to say thank you…’

If you would like to pick up any particular points, receive a presentation in your respective quarters and/or come back to me with ongoing developments ‘where are we at now?’ please come back to me.

Keep safe and well,

Steven Pettican.