Great Locally Produced Christian Resources

Simon Berry Curate at St Marks has put some great online resources together during lockdown which he is inviting others to view and share.

The St. Mark’s Channel ( offers daily and weekly worship, as well as a range of resources and videos for believers and non-believers alike. In particular:

The ‘Faithful Thinking’ series features guests discussing big questions around the Christian faith such as faith and science, why does God allow suffering, and why trust the bible: (

‘Portraits of Faith’ is a series of interviews with Christians from many different ages and backgrounds, sharing why they are Christian and what their journey has been: (

‘Poetry Corner’ offers a series of reflections on poems from a range of authors from a faith perspective: (

‘Thinking about the Bible’ is exactly what it sounds like; a series that aims to help anyone at any stage of thinking about the Christian scriptures. Early sessions are aimed at those with little idea where to start with the Bible, later sessions will try and help those who are familiar with it to move deeper, get more out of it, and teach others.

‘Thinking about Prayer’ is the same idea but for prayer, starting with the most basic prayers like the Lord’s Prayer and moving on to different ways to pray and how to pray for others.

‘Contemporary reflections’ offers short videos to pray and reflect to:

The morning prayer videos ( upload daily, with a short service of prayer and reflection to start the day.

Finally, Sunday services are longer services with music, prayers, crafts, and a talk:

I hope that all makes sense.

Best wishes,


Rev’d Dr Simon Berry

Curate, St. Mark’s Peterborough

Tutor, City College Peterborough