Churches Together – Cost of Living

The Presidents of Churches Together Shire & Soke (Northamptonshire, Peterborough & Rutland) have taken the unprecedented step of unanimously writing to every priest, minister, pastor and church leader in the region. (See attached, together with a covering letter to all MPs in the CT Shire & Soke area).

It is an unparalleled act of unity in the face of the growing uncertainty and deepening anxiety at the extraordinary challenges faced by the people of our county and beyond, not least rising energy bills and worsening poverty.

This serves to indicate how concerned we are at this situation. Indeed, the local churches fear they will not be able to meet the increasing demands put upon them. 

The letter calls upon every church in Northamptonshire, Peterborough and Rutland to seek to overcome any obstacle to working more closely together at this critical time. The Presidents suggest that the churches of each community consider operating from a single site for all activities, including worship, in order that churches share the responsibility of meeting the needs of the neighbourhood.

This action serves to indicate how concerned the Presidents are at this situation.